Innsmouth no Yakata

Innsmouth no Yakata, developed by Betop and published by I'MAX Corp in 1995.

Longplay Information

Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Virtual Boy
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Additional Info: No information available
Publication Date: 06/11/2012
YouTube Release: 29/03/2023
Duration: 00:25:25
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Player's Review

The game translates and is sometimes known as 'Insane Mouse Mansion' or 'In Mouse House'. All 4 endings are shown.

The 3D works fairly well, and is presented as an fps game. You cant really play it as such though as there is a tight time limit running and how fast you beat each level determines what the next level is going to be. If you try to blast every alien, you will likely run out of ammo as well as costing you time. You should go around them if possible.

Not so apparent in the video, where I am able to practice the map before I recorded, the items spawn randomly, so no two plays are exactly the same. You must collect a key before you can exit the level. The 2 orbs highlight the full level map, and reveal all item drops.

It seems a short longplay, but it felt a lot longer while playing. To reach best ending (A), you do have to complete it in one run from first level and beat hyde level. How you get there doesn't matter,

Level leading up to Ending :-
00:00:00 Game
00:11:24 Hyde - Ending A (Best)
00:14:45 Hyde - Ending B
00:18:40 Dark - Ending D (Bad)
00:21:15 Dark - Ending C
00:24:44 Demo - A game over screen..

3D Version is also available with switched Left/Right to allow for Crosseye 3D to work without any special screen or glasses required to view. Lowering the video height in the player will help with viewing. To watch on a 3DTV, use the Swap L/R function.