3D-Tetris, developed by T&E Soft and published by Nintendo in 1996.

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Author(s): ScHlAuChiScHlAuChi
System: Virtual Boy
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Publication Date: 09/11/2012
YouTube Release: 04/04/2023
Duration: 01:26:09
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Player's Review

"The Puzzler with 3-D Blocks and Rotating Planes! The mesmerizing force of Tetris returns with virtual style! This thrilling animated puzzler takes dexterity and split-second timing to the extreme with dimensional blocks and challenging planes. 3-D Tetris propels players at a demanding pace where quick response and strategy rule. Tetris devotees of all levels will crave this latest sensation of brain-teasing fun!"

All 3 modes shown.

00:00:00 Center-Fill Mode, Easy, shown upto level 40
00:23:47 3D-Tetris Mode, Hard, shown upto level 18
00:32:25 Puzzle Mode, Completed. This mode has the ending and credits.

3D Version is also available with switched Left/Right to allow for Crosseye 3D to work without any special screen or glasses required to view. Lowering the video height in the player will help with viewing. To watch on a 3DTV, use the Swap L/R function.