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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: 32X
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Publication Date: 22/11/2012
YouTube Release: 19/05/2023
Duration: 01:47:58
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Player's Review

Not the best port of the game, but I dont think that is the fault of the 32X. The core game is mostly intact, and comparable withthe Original Doom release (Not ultimate). Not to bad graphicaly for the megadrive addon and likely looked alot better seen on an old crt tv. The worst aspect is the music which can be called a zero effort. Perhaps the game was simply rushed out before it was really completed. I guess sega just had to put something out to say they have doom on there console too, but ended up looking pathetic as not enough time/effort was spent on it.

In this longplay I set out to show as much as the map as I can killing everything in my way. It is certainly no speedrun. Secrets I find based on my aging memory of where they are, I didnt set out to try to find 100% of them. I Complete all 17 levels in one sitting to get the best ending. I played on the games Normal difficulty, which perhaps was a little too easy. To be fair, the chalenge is playing on a pad vs mouse/keyboard Grin

The controls can be abit of a hindrence, emulating a 6button sega pad on the x360 pad so i will look to be playing abit drunk at times. Especially when left+up seems to be where the x360 d-pad likes to sit.

Regarding the ending, they really should have left the original game Interlude/endings in and it would have been much more rewarding that what was actually put in. The game looses something when its just a string of levels and a simple well done. Dissapointingly, the BFG9000 doesnt seem to be available in a normal game. You need a cheat to get hold of it but then you get the bad ending, a simple C : Doom prompt.

Levels :-
level 1: 00:00:00
Level 2: 00:02:18
Level 3: 00:07:45
Level 17: 00:14:44
Level 4: 00:20:04
Level 5: 00:26:08
Level 6: 00:33:43
Level 7: 00:41:22
Level 8: 00:49:21
Level 9: 00:52:41
Level 10: 00:56:47
Level 11: 01:02:21
Level 12: 01:09:32
Level 13: 01:19:13
Level 14: 01:27:30
Level 15: 01:36:51
Level 16: 01:42:42