Virtua Racing Deluxe (JP)

Virtua Racing Deluxe released for the Sega 32x at the end of 1994.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: 32X
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Publication Date: 13/08/2017
YouTube Release: 30/05/2023
Duration: 01:20:52
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Player's Review

Released almost 8 months after the Mega-Drive release. Previously longplayed was the US release. The game played in this video is the Japanese release which came out a little while after the EU/US release and was maybe worked on a little more before the deadline for that region. The game can be compared against the previous longplay of the US release to spot any differences.

There are a few subtle differences in the Japanese release which include a different Sega logo animation at the start, an extra music jingle, extra road markings, different menu/font layout an extra option to change the pitch of the engine sound and a battery backup save system for your times.

The game is firstly played on Normal difficulty. All tracks completed in 1st place which is crazy difficult as you just end up chasing the leader for 3 or 4 laps on some tracks. Only to then be greeted with a rage inducing 'Congrats, now play hard mode' screen. Replays are shown for all 5 tracks after each race. Completing normal unlocks mirror mode and automatically resets the the game to Hard Mode. (I could have set Hard right from the start, and probably should have in hindsight). I play through hard mode which should be called ludicrous mode with how precise you have to race. You clip the grass and your chances for 1st place are gone. Completing hard mode will display the games end credits. I try to show the different camera modes in each race and utilise them in a way that helps me in places. there are very few crashes in the game as you have to race perfectly for any hope of a win.

The game should have been called 'Stock car: The Dual'. While the Formula and Prototype will handle the first track ok, The formula has a real hard time with the rest of the tracks and probably useless for the last two. The prototype can not handle corners well at all and pretty much useless for the remaining 4 tracks. It is fast, but it is also lightning fast in the hands of the AI drivers which don't have to worry about traction or cornering. The race leaders separate from the pack and you cant possibly catch up. I wanted to show the three cars equally through out the longplay but it forced my hand into utilising the stock car for most of the longplay. The stock car can drift through most corners with ease without loosing speed and if you want to race seriously and go with a chance for 1st place, the stock car is likely the only way to get there.

00:00:00 Big Forest Normal Formula followed by replay
00:09:00 Bay Ridge Normal Stock car followed by replay
00:17:20 Acropolis Normal Stock car followed by replay
00:27:50 Highland Normal Stock car followed by replay
00:36:08 Sand Park Normal Stock Car followed by replay and ending
00:49:15 Big Forest Hard Prototype followed by replay
00:56:42 Bay Ridge Hard Stock car no replay
01:01:08 Acropolis Hard Stock car no replay
01:06:32 Highland Hard Stock car no replay
01:10:50 Sand Park Hard Stock car no replay followed by credits
when the game resets a different sega logo jingle is played.