DarXide, developed by Frontier developments (The UK Developer that makes the Elite series of games) and released only in the EU region in 1995. It was also the last game to be released for the 32x in the EU region.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: 32X
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Publication Date: 14/08/2017
YouTube Release: 31/05/2023
Duration: 00:45:18
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Player's Review

The game consists of 10 levels that get progressively more difficult, not that it is particularly easy right from the start. The initial mission is to shoot all asteroids and alien fighters, but later they include rescue miners and kill more powerful aliens with less asteroids. All this going on in a very tight time limit. You do not see this time limit but instead see the destination moon getting closer and closer. During each mission you can collect some weapon upgrades to make you more powerful. They can be quite hard to see and easy to miss although they are clearly shown on the radar. Even so I managed to miss one.

Some missions require rescuing miners, but not all of them. This is important as too few and you will fail the mission, but if you try to collect them all, you will likely run out of time before completing all the other objectives. My strategy is to get the miners first then blast everything else.

The final mission is confusing or maybe bugged. Try as I might I can not detroy the Alien mother ship. Instead the mothership will pickup(steal) one of your energy crystals floating around towards the end of the mission time and use to launch an escape vehicle for you to destroy. This is very much luck based. it took many attempts for the game to decide to do this and just moving your camera a few pixels can be enough to stop that process and you will fail the mission. I have my doubts if this is the game mechanic intended for the game.

00:00:00 Mission 1
00:05:25 Mission 2
00:09:28 Mission 3
00:13:29 Mission 4
00:17:46 Mission 5
00:21:50 Mission 6
00:25:56 Mission 7
00:30:16 Mission 8
00:34:35 Mission 9
00:38:52 Mission 10