Wonderful Dizzy

Wonderful Dizzy, designed by The Oliver Twins, developed by Evgeniy Barskiy and released online in 2020.

The game is freely downloadable at https://www.olivertwins.com/wonderfuldizzy

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 20/05/2022
YouTube Release: 25/02/2023
Duration: 01:46:00
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Player's Review

"Dizzy is back for his last adventure in the Wonderful World of Oz. Can you save Pogie from the wicked Witch on the West? Along the way you'll need to help the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion."

ZX Spectrum 128k. Dizzy 8 is 128k only and makes full use of it with more colourful dizzy graphics, sound and music than any previous dizzy game on the platform. It takes a good 10 mins to load from tape in order to fill it. Version 1.5 has been used to play.

One last official Dizzy game from the original creators whilst taking advantage of modern programming technics on the zx spectrum makes this a standout game in the dizzy series. While its more common in modern spectrum games, never before has a dizzy game been so colourful and moved so smoothly.

The game has limited lives and an energy bar that can be replenished by eating fruit found in the game world. Dizzy controls better than ever but don't get caught in a long roll or drop because falling hurts. The map is more streamlined and better thought out than previous games. There are coins to collect throughout the level with thankfully no hidden ones so there only way to miss one is to not visit a screen. The coins buy you the final puzzle piece to completing the game.

The video isn't a speedrun and I do try to find a balance of showing dialogue for a reasonable amount of time before moving on and their is a lot of dialogue in this game. Overall a great spectrum game for the Dizzy fan. if there is anything to say it would be that I'm not overly fond of the music which is a massive departure from the original dizzy games. The overall presentation is well done with an intro and outro.

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