RoboCop 2

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 27/02/2020
YouTube Release: 22/02/2021
Duration: 00:24:32
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Player's Review

This mas much harder than I expected. The controls suck, and so does the collision detection with the walls/ground. I longplayed this 9 years ago and it was time to redo the longplay as I did things that was not up to my today's standard.

Due to bad collision detection, I can get past the big box in the beginning if I wanted to. I could fall through floors in many different locations, which could be useful for speedrunning. Jumping from one platform to the next was extra hard in certain places, like 13:19, failed so many times to get to the other side, same with some of the next jumps. Some seem to be less wide than others, didn't check, but feels like that, as some jumps required me to jump off the very last pixel of the edge, while others didn't. Could land on the other side and STILL fall through the floor due to bad collision detection. Need both legs on the ground to not fall, or something.......

02:54 - Lots of stuff dropping, but can't touch them or I fall.

10:19 - Look at that shitty spawn. Enemy spawned too close so I lose health before I can move. It's random. Lazy coding to not make the enemy spawn at random but within a certain area.

11:03 - I found jumping to catch these cranes were really hard. So easy to miss. They don't all seem the same. Some need to be jumped to at the exact moment... like, need to jump within 0.3 sec or something, too early or late and I miss, even if I stand as close to the edge as possible. Others I have a much bigger area/window to succeed, don't need to be by the edge, and don't need to jump exactly at a specific moment (sure, you can't wait TOO long when it's close to you before it turns back, but still - some are not as picky as others). I died many many times on these.

16:28 - At the second shooting range, instead of killing the villains, I decided to kill only the good ones Smile... just cuz I could... I never care about score in games anyway. But, they spawn too slowly so after a while I just use up my bullets on nothing so I could get to the next level quicker.

20:15 - Walking left here to show the message. Could also when jumping down, hug the left wall as I fall and fall through it, and get to the bottom floor. Didn't try to see if when walking to the right once down there if it would trigger the end without having the robot (Cain) there as well. It's all these edges that you can pass through if you want. When I jump down, I show I can't kill the robot. No amount of bullets will kill him. Your weapon is only used to destroy his rockets.

01:53 - The River Rouge Complex (Level 1)
07:42 - Brainstorm 1
09:20 - Shooting Range 1
10:07 - Tokugawa Brewery (Level 2)
14:48 - Brainstorm 2
16:28 - Shooting Range 2
17:39 - Civic Centrum (Level 3)
22:33 - Ending
23:38 - High score