The Executioner

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Author(s): EinoEino
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 01/10/2016
YouTube Release: 04/03/2024
Duration: 01:35:34
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Player's Review

It's a thrust clone. I remember playing this game back in the day, but never got close to finishing it. I couldn't find any decent gameplay videos and it's kind of bothered me not to seen it through so decided to give it a go.

There are 14 sectors with 10 levels each for total of 140 levels. Objective is to first find 4 keys by following directions from captured hostages found on planets. Hostages are tortured for divulging information about the locations of keys. Hostages will give different answers based on sector where they are captured and tortured. Keys are always found on the same planets, but items on planets can have alternative locations. After collecting all keys player is told to clear all planets on one sector. Rebel leader should be hiding somewhere in one of the planets.

First all the clues and keys were found, then every level in the final sector was completed and apparently that resulted in "bad ending". But I'm not sure if there is a "good ending", at least all the last sector levels were scouted very thoroughly offscreen and nothing special was to be found. Maybe the game just trolls, very disappointing reward for the effort.

Most of the cash collected from hostages is spent on fuel, but there are not many things to buy in the shop anyways. I did get the terrain mapper and 2 way shot, but couldn't afford anything else, except the POD scanner at the end. Terrain mapper proved to be relatively useless investment, because the minimap display is so small it's impossible to see how some of the larger caverns and tight passages are laid out.

There's lots of replay value for the huge number of missions and a non-linear progression, but trying to finish can be a chore. Some of the larger caverns are huge and exploring those fully, while not making a single mistake inflicts pain. It's brutal instant kill with no checkpoints. The game does have a savegame option though between missions.

Not a bad game, but feels unfinished. Graphics are nice enough, but lacking background art. Worst thing about this game is the lack of music. Few simple tunes for every type of planet should've been easy enough to manage and would improved the game a lot. Lot's of clicks and pops with the sound, courtesy of WinUAE.

00:02:40 Beginning
00:09:36 Key 1
00:19:10 Shop (upgrade descriptions)
00:24:03 Key 2
00:42:44 Key 3
01:00:00 Key 4
01:30:48 End Message
01:32:05 Entertainment
01:33:02 Game Briefing