Delta Run

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Author(s): sanspunsanspun
System: Amiga 500
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Additional Info: No information available
Publication Date: 10/04/2019
YouTube Release: 21/03/2024
Duration: 00:40:40
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Player's Review

1st level: 5:10
2nd level: 19:38
3rd level: 25:05
4th level: 34:32
End screen: 38:56

This is a side-scroller that obviously takes inspiration from classic computer game Choplifter (probably the arcade version) and Fort Apocalypse (cave segment of the game). Made by obscure German company. To be fair, I couldn't find any information about the game by google searching, and there are barely no videos of it on Youtube and also no walkthrough. Game is broken graphically in some places which makes it non-intuitive for beating (you cannot see your own bullets on the second level), plus losing life withs POWs aboard will softlock the game because they're required to complete the stage (where avaliable). It also lacks active stuff at the front layer of the screen, as there must be in the Choplifter. The last level is just something out of the place (I like slide puzzles, though). The gameplay itself is pretty fun and just requires some fair reaction time to get used to, so i liked playing this game myself, even though that there is only one music score for entire game is a bit of a bummer.

P.S. Cannot tell if the glitches on the 2nd level are happening because or not the game is cracked, but i assume that it is not the case because every cracked version of game has the same glitches, plus i cannot even be sure that the physical copy of the game exist anywhere at all anymore.
P.P.S. I hope my English is at least somewhat readable