Rygar: Legendary Warrior (Public Domain)

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 1200
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Additional Info: Public Domain
Publication Date: 28/04/2020
YouTube Release: 14/02/2021
Duration: 00:30:22
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Player's Review

An excellent port of the arcade version, released 2019.

Bit glitchy tho. Tried the latest version (ofc) on both WHDLoad and ADF, with the basic A1200 quickstart config and modified one. Usually when graphic errors etc happens in a game, it might need "cycle-exact" to be ON, but in this game that just made it worse. I checked some recordings of this game on YouTube to see how it looked like in their videos, and they had the same glitches and graphic corruption as I did. I've manually removed most of those frames (1-3 here and there, so the jump/hiccup shouldn't be too noticeable).

So, nothing game-breaking, except if you jump off the rope too far up when you yet can't see the ground, that will stop the vertical scrolling and when you land, you might only see your head for the rest of the level, thus can't see the ground or enemies.

Only real complaint I would have, or more of a request, would be to start loading the next stage during the score counting part. As it's right now, it doesn't start loading the next stage until all scores are done counting, making you have to wait there a while before the game continues. Sure, no problem if playing the game from a harddrive (WHDLoad), but I prefer floppy when I play and record, as I often get problems when using savestates with WHDLoad. I did use Turbo and 800% speed, but neither make it fast enough. Maybe 30% or so of the movie is just waiting for it to load the next stage. Normally I edit loading out, but there's music playing during it so didn't want to.

As always, I don't care about score in games, which shows Smile. Jump and bounce to victory!

I killed myself on the boss level as I don't think I showed the death animation thingy before + wanted to make it more of a challenge as I lose all my buffs/items. Was still super easy, especially the boss, lol.

The items are as follows, from left to right:

1: Star Power (Increases the weapon's range to nearly the length of the whole screen)
2: Crown Power (Increases the weapon's fire power, letting you kill several enemies with a single shot)
3: Tiger Power (Lets you kill any enemy instantly by jumping on it)
4: Cross Power (Limited invincibility lasting 10 - 45 seconds depending on the round. If you collect a second Cross Power and the first hasn't expired, extra invincibility time isn't added on nor do you score another bonus)
5: Sun Power (Allows greater control over vertical firing)

There's also cheat codes and special codes for secret messages. I usually record and put those in a separate unlisted video (the messages that is, as I don't show cheat codes if they are not special enough) and link here. Might do it later and update this text.

Anyway, they did a killer job on this port.