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Publication Date: 28/02/2023
YouTube Release: 19/04/2024
Duration: 06:37:14
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Player's Review

Yes, Diablo 1 (aka "DevilutionX" ) on Amiga Smile

I played it when it was new on my pretty good (then) PC, but don't remember if I ever finished it. And haven't played it since. So playing through it, for maybe the first time, ON "AN AMIGA", was nice Smile

I made a goal to do all quests I could find, explore all maps and kill all enemies 100%, which I did, except on the last one with Diablo, I left a few enemies there, but only those that were with him before he went for me. I don't like talking in games, and if I didn't record this, I would just not talk to the people in town if not needed. But to get more info and stuff into the video, I chatted to a bunch to learn more about the lore/quests/etc (but not all, couldn't be bothered to include every possible dialogue). And because of all these things, it's a pretty lengthy movie (although Google says average playtime to complete game is 14 hours). Might have been a 3 hour run or so if I just skipped all the unnecessary stuff, especially entering the next level the moment I found it, instead of clearing the whole map first. And of course, I didn't do the Mana Shield exploit, so avoided getting the spell, and also no duping, no reloading the game to get better items from Adria.

I watched a bit of some Diablo YouTube videos and stuff so I wouldn't be completely noob. I noticed in the comments of some videos they complained the player never used the quick-keys to select spells and stuff, which was apparently annoying to watch as they did things so slow because of it. So, I made sure I did, of course... which I would have anyway even if I hadn't seen those videos Smile


Was a bitch to record for many reasons, a couple being WinUAE's frame rate with RTG games, which in the version I used (no version I tried had a solid 60 btw, all jumping around just below 60) jumped between 59.1-59.3. I couldn't get it to do a solid 60 no matter emulator settings or OS settings, also asked an "expert" and he too couldn't do it and said it's just how WinUAE handles RTG, can be a bit finicky. So, the scrolling isn't perfectly smooth as it skips a frame every 1 seconds. While the game itself runs at 20fps, it's of course still noticeable when I walk around and it scrolls. But ~99% of people probably don't care or even notice these things, but I do and it's annoying to not be able to get it perfect. No, didn't wanna make a 59fps video.

The other thing was I wanted to record using WinUAE's built-in recorder (for many reasons), and thanks to the varying frame rate, most .avi files got sound delay (the usual - the longer the file is, the more desynced it is at the end of the file). I've fixed as much of it as I could.

Those were the two main problems, there were many more, like me using save-states, but as few as possible because it too made problems/complications because of how WinUAE works, and also the game itself. I had to replay the game 3 times, both first times I got to half the game. And I noticed things started auto-duping because the game apparently auto-saves the town info when I enter a dungeon, which made the stuff in town "stick", so if I loaded a save-state from way earlier when there was nothing in town, or way later, those items appeared in the town again lol. They were removed by the game when picked up tho as it said "dupe detected", so a few times when this shit happened, I had to go back to town, pick all items up that shouldn't be there at that point in time, and put down other things that SHOULD be there, and in the same spots as been recorded earlier so the video clips would be seamless, so much work. Didn't want people to think I duped/cheated.

Anyway, there were way more problem, but enough is enough.

Too bad I didn't get The Butcher quest. I had it on my first two runs tho (as mentioned earlier). My first two runs went way better. Had better gear by the same time in my third and last run

Some timestamps:

00:05:25 - "Yup, that's a cow alright"
00:05:48 - Level 1
00:23:45 - Level 2
00:33:26 - Poisoned Water Supply
00:38:19 - Ring of Truth
00:43:04 - Level 3
01:07:09 - Level 4
01:16:40 - Snotspill
01:19:25 - Gharbad the Weak (drops Fool's Crest / ID at 01:22:28)
01:25:49 - Harlequin Crest
01:35:50 - Level 5
01:45:16 - Arkaine's Valor
01:53:55 - Catacombs entrance/exit unlocked
01:54:55 - Level 6
02:07:26 - Bone Chamber
02:17:01 - Level 7
02:35:42 - Level 8
02:47:23 - Optic Amulet
02:53:00 - Level 9
03:06:57 - Black Mushroom / 03:07:02 - "Now THAT is a big mushroom"
03:10:09 - Caves entrance/exit unlocked
03:11:21 - Level 10
03:34:04 - Anvil of Fury / 03:36:34 - Griswold's Edge
03:37:44 - Level 11
03:45:40 - Level 12
04:05:09 - Level 13
04:37:17 - Hell entrance/exit unlocked
04:43:40 - Warlord of Blood
04:50:15 - Level 14
05:15:22 - Level 15
05:42:26 - Archbishop Lazarus' Lair
05:51:54 - Doombringer
05:53:44 - Level 16
06:27:07 - Diablo
06:28:10 - Ending/outro
06:30:27 - Credits