Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool Coyote

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Author(s): EinoEino
System: Amiga CD32
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Publication Date: 19/01/2015
YouTube Release: 30/04/2024
Duration: 01:09:03
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Player's Review

CD32 was developed by Graftgold and released by Renegade in 1994, two years after the floppy version. In this longplay every level was explored (including secrets) and no warps were used. All extra lives were also collected not including some that are rewarded by saving those lemmings. Only nine extra lives can be stocked unlike in the original version.

CD music is not quite as good as the original chip music. In fact, some tunes are really annoying, carefully chosen for the most difficult levels. However, there's an option to play with original music, but since this is the CD32 version I felt it would be relevant to use the CD music for this video. Another notable difference is additional background visual art. The game does looks really neat and some cool effects such as color cycling for backgrounds were used to simulate day and night changes. Unlike some other CD32 games this one does not have any extra levels. The playable ending however was completely remade.

Even though level designs are quite varied and there's lots of different enemy types and many nice ideas F&I is not of my personal favorite platformers on Amiga. I'm just not particularly fond of the gameplay. This is just my personal opinion and I'm sure many think otherwise.