Sword of Honour

Sword of Honour, A Hi-Track production developed by Dynafield Systems and Published by Prestige Software in 1995.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 21/07/2021
YouTube Release: 18/02/2023
Duration: 00:27:10
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Player's Review

"With the Sword of Honour stolen, Shogun Yuichiro's honour has been violated. As the toughest ninja around it's up to you to find the sword and defeat Yuichiro's greatest enemy - the evil Toranaga. The game features lethal weapons, vicious hand-to-hand combat and awesome gameplay with wicked soundfx and music."

I cant find much info on the C64 version of this game so this info may need correcting. Originally an Amiga and Dos game released in 1992 and late release for the C64 in 1995. Three years in the making? The game was released on 2 disks only as every screen was loaded separately and wouldn't really work well on tape as you move back n forth. I can only find original images of the German release that appeared on the disk magazine Goldendisk64 issue 1 in 1995. The English (presumably) version was reviewed in the July 1995 of Commodore Format. A conversion to easyflash is being played here which makes gameplay for fluent and easier to capture as well as being in English.

The game plays well enough. Simple walk left/right until you encounter an enemy. Then you may need to fight your way past them or in some cases bribe them with items collected. There may also be branching pathways you can move up or down too. The overall map is fairly small and easy to memorise. You don't have to go to far to get a cryptic clue and an item to solve it. Part of the games charm is the exploration and simple puzzle solving.

The combat can be a little awkward. You have multiple moves that can be executed with or without pressing the fire button. You need to be at just the right distance from the enemy for them to connect and getting the right move can lead to a quick victory but if the enemy gets close and you dont evade in time, the fight can be over for you pretty quickly. You do get a few lives though and there are food drops to replenish energy to full. Later you get weapons which can help with landing attacks from a slight distance. Limited shuriken's are available which can help with tougher enemies.

The most annoying aspect is the inventory management. F1 shows what you have, but then its Shift plus 1-9 to use them. However it doesn't always seem to work and I have to quick press shift plus number within a millisecond for it to register properly. Maybe that's an emu issue, I don't know. Ctrl+ 1-9 will drop an item. Also I'm not entirely sure, but slot 0 is unavailable. I'm sure amiga had all 1-0 slots available. It also means i wasn't able to show what was actually being selected.

Overall, minor gripes aside, the conversion is pretty good. Almost like a side scrolling last ninja. The backgrounds are all well drawn and your character moves fluidly and I don't need to complain about hit detection for once. The game is missing interlude screens but that's a minor issue.

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