Rastan arcade conversion for the C64 developed and published by Imagine in 1987.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Commodore 64 / 128
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Publication Date: 26/05/2022
YouTube Release: 11/02/2023
Duration: 00:50:32
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Player's Review

"The Warrior King - Lands that produce men of legend, dragon slayers, lie in his shadow - guardians of evil fear his fire spewing sword, the axe he wields as swift as lightning. State of the art programming makes a true simulation of the Arcade for your home micro, enjoy superb graphics and realistic action as RASTAN takes on a world of dangers - magical wizards, fire breathing lions, bats, snakes, skeletons and finally the living dead. Is it more than you can handle?"

The C64 conversion is not great but its soundtrack does warrant you loading up the game. Collision detection is poor and will lead to frustration but that's the least of its problems as the game has a game breaking ug leaving it incompletable. Graphics are a bit plain and with that black background it all looks a bit bleak compared to other versions of the game.

In level four there is a rope jump to get across a large water way. Getting on the rope is easy enough but its impossible to jump at the right angle to reach land. grabbing the rope lower down kills you instantly as your toes hit the water. the only solution is to cheat in some way to get past it. At 28:30 my solution was to use the Action Replay cart and draw nonsense graphics over the water. This allows you to grab the end of the rope and swing correctly to the other side.

There are 6 levels, each broken up into 3 stages. The first is outside with death lurking around every drop. Birds, water, lava, spikes and axe wielders all trying to take you down. The second takes place in a caste or cave where you have watch out for spike traps or spikes from above and maybe some precision jumping. The third stage is a boss battle which thankfully just involves you trying to decapitate the enemy. its all over too quickly. The final boss I let live for a bit so we can hear the full music.

Throughout the game there are collectables but they don't seem to do a whole lot other than the armour which makes you invincible for a short time. The ones to avoid are the red (poison) bottles. You have two jumps, a normal and a higher by holding fire button before jumping. It can be really annoying when landing that you freeze up for a second or in some cases fall backwards. Both possibly leading to death.

I tried to record the US release but it has the exact same issues. However its faster movement speed allows you to get through some annoying traps notably easier. I was using the (TAG) crack and unfortunately the level five map gets completely broken and I was not able to complete the game.

00:00:00 Title Music
00:01:41 Level 1
00:08:46 Level 2
00:16:35 Level 3
00:25:50 Level 4
00:33.17 Level 5
00:40:48 Level 6