Fun School 3: For the Over 7s

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga CDTV
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Publication Date: 27/11/2019
YouTube Release: 02/04/2024
Duration: 00:31:42
File Size: 37.10 MB (37994.78 KB)
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Player's Review

Compared to the 780kb floppy version, this one is 4mb. It has a manual, music on the menu screen, difficulty select, some random speech, new levels and modified/updated/improved old ones.

On the wordsearch level, the words got bugged the first time, so had to make a new one.

On the planet maths level typing numbers was slow, so it sometimes became wrong. Like, if I wanted to type 69, it could type just 9, so had to do each number slowly.