Mighty Switch Force! Collection

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Author(s): TsunaoTsunao
System: PlayStation 4
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Publication Date: 29/10/2020
YouTube Release: 09/01/2023
Duration: 04:19:37
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Player's Review

Puzzle platformer by WayForward.

Follow Patricia Wagon as she makes her helmet go "bloop" and: capture the Hooligan Sisters, SAVE the Hooligan Sisters, capture the Hooligan Sisters IN HD!, and train in an academy capturing the Hooligan Sisters.

Gameplay is simple: jump, shoot, phase blocks in and out, and try to get the 5 sisters as quickly as possible.

This longplay plays through the four games while going under Par. Lots of damage taking is involved: intentional or not. MSF2 has going through stages twice because I believe it is semi-impossible to get the baby AND go under Par unless you have the Mighty Hose. Maybe.