The Suffering

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Author(s): Spazbo4Spazbo4
System: Xbox
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Publication Date: 06/02/2016
YouTube Release: 04/01/2024
Duration: 06:05:54
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Player's Review

One very good psychological action horror game that came out in 2004.

I got the good ending and wait until after the credits for the secret beginning of the game that was cut. Neutral and Bad endings are shown before the credits

This is my first time playing through the game all the way through, the first time I tried playing it was on the PC version but I had tons of problems since windows 7 barely liked it at the time and I only managed to get halfway through the game so at several points I am not sure on what to do and it might take me a bit of exploring to figure out where to go or sometimes I pause the game to look at a guide

I tend to save often because the first hour of the game I had lost the original footage and had to start over because I did not save the game and the game crashed on me because the disc was dirty so as a precaution i saved lots, especially after every loading screen

Depending on what ending you get is supposed to carry into the sequel of the game so when I record that game I hope that feature is still implemented for the console version of the game.