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Publication Date: 28/04/2016
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Player's Review

Sneakers, originally released as Nezmix in Japan, is a game released for the Original Xbox. In North America, it was sold exclusively at Toy "R" Us.

It was always the black sheep of my video game collection when I was younger. While games like Halo, Munch's Odyssey, and Kung Fu Chaos ate up most of my time, this game still held a special place in my heart. Even if it is a place reserved for pity.

The game has you playing as Apollo, a white mouse who wears sneakers. You are joined by your group of one dimensional mouse friends whose names tell you everything about them. There is Brutus, the tough guy, Watt, the smart guy, and Pete, the fat guy. Later on, you are joined by various other cardboard cutout characters, like Bonnie, the girl, Maybe, the shy guy, Hasty, the other tough guy, Ice, the cool guy, and Doshi, the old alcoholic.

You must journey with your motley crew to the ultimate game of hide and seek. One that ends with a no holds barred beatdown of some rats. You are stuck navigating a fixed path that splits off in various places, similar to the cult classic Killer7. Also similar to Killer7, you have to go in to a first person like mode to find the horribly hidden rats. Once you find enough rats of a certain color, you can fight said rats in a combat minigame. Once you defeat all four groups of colored rats, you move on to the boss, who doesn't really differ than any other enemy other than having more health. The combat system is more complex than it may seem, with blocks, lock ons, and a system where you can control which enemies your teammates attack. You don't need any of it. You'll end up just attacking with the health draining, yet very powerful spin attack. Health drops are so frequent in combat that there is never any tension unless you are intentionally trying to lose. There is also technically permadeath for your teammates in the game, and cutscenes are modified because of it. But the game is so easy, you likely won't lose anyone until the final boss.

There's also a story. A pointless story that is caused by an idiotic kid mouse taking a nap and causing a huge misunderstanding. It's stupid, and becomes even worse with the unbearable voice acting.