Deus Ex: Invisible War

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Author(s): RickyCRickyC
System: Xbox
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Publication Date: 04/02/2019
YouTube Release: 21/02/2022
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Player's Review

I've not played this in a few years and I was using this as a sort of practice run to whenever I get round to the PC version. As the Xbox has lengthy load times in between areas I have edited them out.

Coming back to this the first thing that struck me was the framerate. I could not remember it being this bad. Another thing was how basic the biomods where, I remembered it being far more diverse and interesting in my head. However in the game I probably did stick with the more boring mods. Either way I still find the gameplay incredibly fun specially with the rag doll physics. The universal ammo I never had a problem with but I see how it is a little bit of an issue going through it now. Being stealthy is a little bit of effort as enemies always get distracted by your foot steps even if its reasonable to assume someone else could be walking around the area, and they can see you even if you are just peeking round the corners. Going full Rambo is generally a far easier and more fun method until the ammo runs our and your bash things with a sword.

For this playthrough I didn't really role play with any side. I took on mission and did them as I was passing. This is one of the major flaws in the game in that your choices until the very end really means nothing.