Bomberman: Act Zero

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Author(s): DiggerandIndyDiggerandIndy
System: Xbox 360
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Publication Date: 29/10/2021
YouTube Release: 20/06/2023
Duration: 02:40:39
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Player's Review

Yes, I had the guts to play THE most infamous Bomberman game in existence. It's like Halo and Metroid stole Bomberman's stuff and had a baby, which is this result.

The story goes - which I've tried to show but couldn't - that 300 years ago an underground facility was created to make the perfect super soldier to advance warfare on an already-torn world, but even though its purpose is lost, it still operates and carries on its mission. You play as one of these soldiers and bomb the others to bits and collect goodies. And you got 99 levels to go through with no saves, no checkpoints; one wrong move and you'll have to start all over!

As far as gameplay goes, it wasn't all THAT difficult if you're a Bomberman veteran. You can stack Life-Ups, which that really helps. For once, the Remote Control Bombs are not that useful as I'll demonstrate. It just felt tedious after a while.

I've played through the Standard Mode and even though I did get hit a few times I managed to make it through. There is an FPB - First Person Bommer - mode, which basically is the same thing except you move the camera around and you all have health bars, but I found that cumbersome and pointless so I skipped it.