Bubble Trouble

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Author(s): Eric-119Eric-119
System: Atari Lynx
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Publication Date: 28/04/2020
YouTube Release: 31/05/2021
Duration: 01:03:23
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Player's Review

Despite claims by some that this is an after-market title, this game seems to have released in 1994, if not earlier. Anyway, the plot is rather silly: a scientist has accidentally trapped himself in a "bubble world" and needs to escape by flying around in a bubble and finding radioactive deposits. This game is mainly an exercise in frustration as it is not easy to control the bubble and you can die very quickly if you run into an enemy.

02:30 - World Core
17:23 - The Deep
25:33 - Bubble Caverns
35:44 - Cloud Kingdom
46:45 - Bubble City