Battle Arena Toshinden 4


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Author(s): deskawadeskawa
System: PlayStation
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Publication Date: 28/05/2011
YouTube Release: Banned
Duration: 00:38:34
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Player's Review

This game is the last Toshinden for PSX and is considered one of the worst fighting games for the console. The graphics are poor, controls are clunky and music is irregular. Other than that, it features some cool artwork and some nice music.

The first video contains a simple walkthrough with the Subaru Team and Subaru himself as the character that leads in the ending (each character has its own ending fragment). The second part is like an extras video that contains the minigames and the worthy artwork. The minigames aren't fully played as they were most probably thought for record beating and multiplayer matches. The artwork part of the video begins at 36:58.

Download Bonus Video here (313 MB )