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Publication Date: 26/01/2021
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De Blob (stylized as de Blob) is a platform-puzzle video game. The game has players explore and liberate an alien city from the evil, monochromatic INKT Corporation that has taken over the city and outlawed all color and fun from daily life. Playing as Blob, players embark on a quest to re-animate the fictional Chroma City and free it from the INKT Corporation by splattering buildings, landmarks, and citizens with color.

De Blob was developed by Blue Tongue Entertainment for the Wii, while a cancelled version for the Nintendo DS was being developed by Helixe, with both versions being published by THQ. The game was originally scheduled for a February 2008 release, but it was delayed and then released on 22 September 2008 for the Wii. An iOS adaption of the game was released on 8 July 2008.

On 3 March 2017, THQ Nordic unveiled De Blob for Microsoft Windows, ported by BlitWorks. This game was a surprise announcement to debut in PAX East 2017. On 25 October 2017, THQ Nordic announced the game would release for PlayStation 4 and for Xbox One on 14 November 2017. A Nintendo Switch port was released on June 26, 2018.

This longplay is like my most Wii Longplays in the past only casual.