Kaettekita Mario Bros.

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Publication Date: 12/10/2021
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Player's Review

Kaettekita Mario Bros. (The Return of Mario Bros.) is an upgraded version of the original Mario Bros. game on the NES, and this is very hard to get because the only way to get it was through a Disk Writer that was littered throughout Japan. This was specifically designed to promote Super Mario Bros. 3 and Nagatanien food products, and from November 30th, 1988 to May 31st, 1989, players were given the chance to submit high scores and win prizes, the best being a copy of Super Mario Bros. 3, while other prizes include playing cards and keyrings.

The game has improved somewhat, most notably the enemies look more like their arcade counterparts. Mario and Luigi can also change trajectory midair.

I first take a look at the Notice (where the Shellcreeper informs you of the contest and rules), then "register", then play both Original Mario Bros. and Nagatanien World. Apart from cutscenes, both modes differ very little from gameplay. However, Nagatanien World's got some extra scenes if you hit certain score thresholds and has a slot machine for a chance to gain extra lives should you run out.

I hit around 200,000 points each on both modes, then lose all my lives on purpose.