CJ Elephant Fugitive

CJ Elephant Fugitive, developed by Big Red Software for Codemasters in 1994.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Game Gear
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Publication Date: 24/10/2021
YouTube Release: 09/12/2023
Duration: 00:44:10
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Player's Review

"Accused of a crime he did not commit - CJ Elephant is imprisoned in a zoo. Using advanced peanut propelling weaponry, an uncanny ability to find explosive charges and a handy umbrella he promptly escapes. Now he must flee London, push on to Paris, across the alps and career thru Cairo until he finally makes it home in Africa."

CJ Elephant Fugitive is a remake of Elephant Antics released in 1991. There are 6 places to visit each consisting of 3 smallish levels (compared to how large they are in the original games).

The Game Gears low resolution and small screen make this even more of a challenge as you cant see enemies or spikes until it's too late. Pixel precision jumping is also required with no room for error. The game looks quite nice and colourful and you can up to three hits per life which helps ease any frustrations of enemies hitting you before they are even drawn on screen. Spikes can still kill you in one though. Hearts can be collected either from enemy drops or hidden area of which there are many which replenish your energy.

Some levels have multiple paths for an easier run to the end or one with some secrets along the way. With the addition of doors later in the game , the maze can get confusing as you end up double backing on your self and need to figure the correct order to take the doors.

After completing the game, I show level one again as it has two different routes and this is the more scenic one with some collectables to boot followed by the game over screen.

00:00:00 London
00:03:50 Paris
00:11:24 Alps
00:17:38 Rome
00:24:10 Cairo
00:32:25 Jungle
00:39:45 End Credts
00:42:50 Level 1-1 revisited
00:44:00 Game Over