Rings (ABAB Soft) (Unlicensed)

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Author(s): KAGE-008KAGE-008
System: Nintendo Entertainment System / Family Computer
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Additional Info: Unlicensed
Publication Date: 26/01/2023
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Duration: 00:11:46
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Player's Review

This is what happens when the same bootleg developers decide to recycle the same gameplay engine for everything except graphics, music and nothing else.

It's basically Panda Adventure by Hummer Team (and published by ABAB Soft) but with Lord of the Rings theme and adding the ability to choose between Frodo, Legolas, Gandalf and Arwen, all of them from the aforementioned film/book saga and just for cosmetic purposes.

Since the game is endless, I show off two full loops with Frodo, then die on purpose and after that I added extra fail moments with the other characters, with the sole purpose of showcasing them.