Tony Hawk's Project 8

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Author(s): Spazbo4Spazbo4
System: Xbox
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Publication Date: 02/02/2023
YouTube Release: 26/06/2024
Duration: 04:36:11
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Player's Review

The port of the game made by Shaba Games

For some reason the bonus movies at the end wouldn't play on my xbox so I had to get them from the PS2 version

Part 2 is the content from the bonus DVD that came with the greatest hits on PS2, I was going to include this if I did the PS2 longplay but was unable to get that version working properly with my setup so it is included here

0:00:00 - Start
0:05:21 - Suburbia
0:27:20 - Downtown
1:07:11 - City Center
1:38:21 - High School
2:20:41 - Car Factory
2:58:38 - Crete Park
3:33:10 - Fun Park
4:06:46 - Downhill
4:18:20 - Extras
4:30:37 - Credits