Slap Fight

Slap Fight arcade conversion by Probe Software and released by Imagine in 1987.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: ZX Spectrum
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Publication Date: 02/02/2023
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Player's Review

Spectrum 48k

"You are the pilot of the Slapfighter and must destroy the evil alien swarms which confront you, wave after deadly wave on the ever hostile planet of Orac. To aid you in your challenge collect icons and substantially increase your fire power and speed. Superb Graphics and split second timing give this game an addictive edge."

While the instructions acknowledge the Spectrum 128k, the game takes no advantage of the 128k features at all. The game features fairly smooth scrolling and high detailed background and sprite graphics however it is the usual boring monochrome and gameplay uses only half the available screen.

The game features a weapons upgrade system and building up your weapons will absolutely be required in order to clear the screen quickly as the enemies are relentless in this version of the game. Nt only do they fire fast and accurately at you, the projectiles are tiny and difficult to see assuming they are being rendered at all. Another problem is that if you have upgraded you wing span, you may not be able to shoot at the right side of the screen making some enemies impossible to hit while they will be making every effort to hit you.

Overall, its a well presented shoot em up on the spectrum, however it is very challenging and overly difficult especially in the second half of the game. Only save state abuse has allowed me to make it through the game unscathed. It's worth noting that the game is quite short and an instant game over is awarded when you complete it. It's a very lazy way to end the game and can only assume the developer didn't think you would live long enough to ever see it. The C64 game is also a difficult game yet also better balanced with projectiles you can see to avoid as well as being a longer game overall which loops back round to the start after completing the game.