Need for Speed: Underground 2

Need for Speed: Underground 2, developed and published by Electronic Arts in the 2005.

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Player's Review

"Welcome to the ULTIMATE DRIVING PLAYGROUND. New Dash screen GPS and touch-sensitive Nitrous Control. Create custom decals in the Design Studio. Enhance your ride with performance-boosting mini-games. Race for it all in 4-person wireless multiplayer."

This might be the best and well made Need for Speed game on the Nintendo DS but that doesn't make it a great game. In fact its pretty poor imitation of the the original PC/Console version with no free roam and no story elements. However it looks great graphically and controls notably better than the later nfs ds games. Its all night time racing but much easier to see where to go thanks to no blur filters as used in Carbon.

The game is split in to categories such as circuit racing, Drag and Zone. You need to complete each race in order, but you can play in each category as you like. Each one can unlock car upgrades so you need to move between them to keep car performance higher than the competition. I think it would have been so much better to have the progression system of the original Underground game and have the different events come at you in a linier fashion to keep things interesting. The main problem with this version of the game though is a huge lack of content. For the entire game you a re-racing the same six tracks over and over and over with the only notably difference being difficulty which varies by time and traffic density. The Ai racers are not to bad. They do get ahead sometimes but they have the same problem with traffic that I have in that they get in the way at the worst times.

In the longplay I play through all game modes and races. I pretty much stick to the VW Golf and upgrade it when I'm able to. It will allow you to complete the game but its not without it's challenges. The controls are quite sensitive so anything more than a tap of the dpad and you will spin the car round and any knocks or bumps in the road can send it flying but on the plus side you can get good speed round corners while watching the faster car fly out to the sides. Overall, it a very twitchy but fast ride. I don't apply all upgrades right away as I failed to notice there was a second page of upgrades until mid way into the game.

Every so often a mini game will appear. These allow you to add upgrade bonuses to your car but they can be quite unfair requiring some precision on the touch pad especially at level 3. Unsurprisingly, while you do get a 'Well Done' message after completing the game, you still need to manually go into options and roll the credits. There are many racing games from years past that feel much more rewarding for the effort than the nfs series of games on DS.

00:00:00 Circuit Racing level 1
01:03:52 Own the Zone
01:22:28 Drag Racing
01:25:00 Circuit Racing level 2
02:21:12 Own the Zone
02:45:11 Drag Racing
02:57:10 Circuit Racing level 3
04:29:35 Own the Zone
04:40:59 Drag racing