Nano Assault EX

Nano Assault EX, developed and published by Shin'en Multimedia exclusively on the Nintendo eShop in 2013.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: 3DS
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Publication Date: 06/06/2023
YouTube Release: 31/12/2029
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Player's Review

"Stop the deadly Nanostray virus in Nano Assault EX. Experience a fast-paced action shooter, set within a visually stunning cellular system that leaps off the screen in full 3D. Nano Assault EX features online rankings, support for Circle Pad Pro and full stereoscopic 3D graphics."

The original Nano Assault saw a physical release in 2011 exclusive to Japanese and US regions. I guess no publisher was found for an EU release. However in the EU (as well as JP and US) we got the digital download Nano Assault EX released exclusively on the eShop in 2013. This version is enhanced with updated graphics, improved gameplay as well as online ranking and additional modes.

A great looking game making full use of the the 3D feature. You cant see it here, but believe me it really pops on an actual 3ds and is a showcase title for the 3ds. The gameplay is fairly simple but is by no means an easy game although it is supposed to auto adjust it's difficulty depending on how well the player is doing. To me, the game is a combination of Super Stardust style gameplay including tunnel sequences which play out like Microcosm.

The game starts with Story mode which contains 32 levels that get split up over themed clusters. In each you will have ground levels requiring you to collect three pieces of DNA and also clearing out all enemies. Get the DNA first as otherwise a countdown will start for cell censing if you defeat all enemies first. In the tunnel sections, just shoot everything and avoid incoming fire. Try to stay on the move as you if you stay still for more than a second, your dead as the enemy fire is direct and fast. Getting through the tunnel leads to a boss battle. Some levels have a mid boss battle and will award a special weapon. There's not much of an ending considering how much polish the actual game got which is a little underwhelming. Completing this mode unlocks boss rush mode.

The game does lock some extra content behind a coin system but nothing that affects the gameplay. There is a Nanopedia that gives a tiny bit of info on some of the creatures found in the game. 70 coins are required to unlock them all which is a bit steep to be honest considering the work needed to get them. There is also a Jukebox for playing the games music but in order to hear them you have to .. you guessed it, buy them with coins with 50 required to unlock all 10 tracks. These coins are earned by playing through Boss Rush and also by beating challenges set for the individual levels in Arcade mode. You can also convert standard 3ds playcoins which is handy as I don't think I need to drag the video out by showing all levels again in arcade mode.

I skip over Arcade mode which is just a score attack for online leader boards with challenges for coin rewards. I play through Boss rush which is split up into three runs. This unlocks a total of 30 coins. I then spend the coins in the nano store to unlock stuff in the Nanopedia and jukebox. I make up the difference buy converting play coins. Survivor mode has been unlocked and is an endless score attack in which you have only one life and no way to earn more. The levels are thrown at you at random and you can even end up playing the same level two or three times in a row. Score is tallied against total score, number of levels reached and gems collected. It's telling the in game gem counter can only show two digits properly. It can be a bit random when starting the mode as to if it will offer to select one of two weapons or all four. This mode is intended for those that like to flex on online leader boards.

00:00I00 Intro
00:01:35 Epsilon Cluster (4)
00:13:45 Zeta Cluster (5)
00:31:00 Omicron Cluster (5)
00:49:05 Sigma Cluster (6)
01:04:25 Gamma Cluster (5)
01:22:45 Kappa Cluster (4)
01:35:23 Omega Cluster (3)
01:45:25 Boss Rush
02:05:10 Nanopedia