Vector Racing

Vector Racing by Sweet Soft originally released on iOS. 3DS port by Arc System Developments and released on the eShop in 2012.

Longplay Information

Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: 3DS
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Publication Date: 20/09/2023
YouTube Release: 31/12/2029
Duration: 00:41:21
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Player's Review

"A brand new, high-speed racing game that brings to mind the retro video games of yore! Use one of the 6 different machines to race across 12 courses, some easy and some insane, in 4 different modes: GRAND PRIX, SINGLE RACE, TIME TRIAL, and VS BATTLE! You can play against a friend using the multiplayer VS BATTLE mode or see where you stand in the world by viewing the online ranking in the RECORDS mode."

Vector Racing is a retro style 3d vector racing game in a similar style to early Atari arcade games and of course the Vectrex.

There is not a lot to this game and it takes fully the retro style gameplay in that there is no rewards or ending to the game. Just pick a race, set a time and win. Pure score attack just like the good old days.

In the longplay, I play through all three GP events changing the difficulty level between each to show the speed differences. Different craft are available with different characteristics that can either help or hinder your route to victory. At the end I show a single race with the aim of causing damage but all that happens is I end up destroying my self!

Overall the game is a bit too basic and could have done with some modern additions like maybe combat or winning a virtual trophy! More music would have been welcome too.

00:00:00 Symmetric GP (Novice)
00:13:35 Typical GP (Normal)
00:26:16 Hardest GP (Expert)
00:37:00 Single Race