Taito Chase H.Q.

Taito Chase H.Q. developed and published by Taito exclusively for PAL regions in 1991.

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Player's Review

"New York, to help eradicate crime, the Manhattan Police have established a special investigation headquarters. They call it CHASE HQ. its objective: to arrest criminals escaping in cars from the scene of a crime."

It's Chase H.Q. but a little different for Sega's 8Bit platforms. There are Five stages just like the arcade but it would make for a very short game once you finish those levels so this game loops three times with a mild difficulty increase between each. before each level you get the option to spend some of your score on options to make life a little easier such as an extra turbo, grippier tyres and high performance engine oil. I save the super expensive turbo charger for the final level to show it's effect.

During play your task is to catch up to the criminal and smash his car into submission. There is a time limit and to slow you down the roads can become twisty with tight turns requiring you to slow down. As well as traffic there are sometimes obstacles in the road which also slow you down when hit. You have a trusty turbo to help catch with the criminal, best used on straights.

Some roads have boxes and barrels on them. Hitting enough of these will reward you with an extra continue, just note that they also cause you to slow down when hit. The bushes and bins don't seem to offer the same reward. Not long after the start of each chase, the road will split with an arrow pointing to the faster route. During round 2, I take those longer routes in order to show what they are made of. This does cost me time though and I need to use a continue to make it through. Round 2 also has just sfx enabled.

Overall, it's an ok Chase H.Q. game but I'm sure the graphics could have been better, much better although looking quite basic might be what helps it give a good sense of speed over games like outrun, although battle outrun was speedy too. The music is dreadful and could have been so much better. The game was also on Game Gear with larger fonts and a different hud to accommodate the smaller screen.

00:00:00 Round 1
00:11:13 Round 2
00:25:45 Round 3