Top Gear Hyper-Bike

Top Gear Hyper-Bike, developed by Snowblind Studios and published by Kemco in the year 2000.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
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Publication Date: 10/06/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
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Player's Review

Big air. Fast Tracks. Snarling competitors. Whether you're into high-flying motocross racing or knee-scraping street bike action. Top Gear Hyper-Bike opens the throttle on gritty, two-wheeled fun. Strap on your brain bucket and test drive these features:
• Four incredible modes of play: Single Race, Time Attack, Trick Attack and Championship.
• Use Track Editor to create your own mind-blowing tracks.
• Race on the street and in the dirt using 16 authentic race bikes from Kawasaki, Yamaha and HondaR.
• Unlock hidden bikes and bonus courses by winning race seasons in Championship Mode."

From the foundations of Top Gear Overdrive, the game was reworked for biking and in some ways either stripped down or unfinished. From the start you get to choose mode of play with Championship being the main part of the game that goes through six seasons with up to four races in each lasting three laps.

The game is split between dirt racing and street racing much like the Moto Racer series. The dirt race part has an addition tricks system where you can pull off tricks for points although only useful in the Trick Attack mode. The championship mode will take you on a journey unlocking better bikes as you progress. Getting overall first place in every season will unlock three more addition bikes. In each race, there are also bonus letters to collect. Collecting most of them will unlock some extra bonus tracks to race on. Four of the bonus tracks also have letters to collect and getting them all unlocks the dino rider which is only usable on the small bikes. Completing this mode also does not auto roll the credits.

The longplay goes through championship mode collecting all the letters. Afterwards, single lap race mode is used to show the bonus tracks collecting any other letters in order to get all the unlocks and showing the last moto races presumably showing off what can be made in the track creator.

Overall, the game is very much an arcade like experience and a short game overall. There is no messing about with bike or rider customisations, just choose a bike and go. It seems some how lazy to not have had a credit roll for finishing the game.

Note: There seems to be some kind of emu or game bug going on with the bike selection screen. When presented with multiple bikes you can move across one and that it, no going back. This is happening in Mupen and Ares cores of Bizhawk with all three game regions. I can get round it by flipping between rider and bike constantly until I land where I want but it looks crap in in the video. Like overdrive, the game speed gets crazy and you endup wall grinding.

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:32 Championship Season 1
00:08:57 Championship Season 2
00:21:37 Championship Season 3
00:34:56 Championship Season 4
00:47:21 Championship Season 5
00:57:35 Championship Season 6
01:11:00 Single Lap - Bonus track 1 / Honda Monkey
01:12:45 Single Lap - Bonus track 2 / Bison
01:13:55 Single Lap - Bonus track 3
01:15:25 Single Lap - Bonus track 4
01:17:00 Single Lap - Bonus track 5 / Dino Rider
01:18:05 Single Lap - Bonus track 6 / Dino Rider
01:19:20 Single Lap - Bonus track 7 / Dino / Monkey
01:20:50 Single Lap - Egypt / Moped
01:22:25 Credits