Call of Duty: World at War - Final Fronts

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Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts is the PlayStation 2 version of Call of Duty: World at War. Despite sharing virtually the same title and cover as the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii versions, the PS2 version is almost completely different with its own set of missions involving the U.S. fighting in the Pacific theater and the Battle of the Bulge in Europe, as well as the British advancing on the Rhine River into Germany. This version has a total of 13 missions, with no online multiplayer, and no Nazi Zombies game mode. It was developed by Rebellion, instead of Treyarch, but was still published by Activision.


Part 1 War in the Pacific ?ampaign
1) Basic Training
2) Betio Assault
3) Betio Airfield
4) Codename: Forager
5) Mount Tapochau

Part 2 Winter Offensive ?ampaign
1) Ettelbruck
2) The Race to Bastogne
3) The Relief of Bastogne
4) The Battle of Bure

Part 3 Victory in Europe ?ampaign and Victory in the Pacific ?ampaign
1) The Rhine
2) Braunau am Inn
3) Typhoon of Steel
4) Shuri Castle

PS. This game is my first FPS that Ive ever played on PS2. Xbox360 sticks are good for aiming stuff, where DualShock aiming can be a real pain (unless you are newschool/grown up with PS/dual shock style).