Teleroboxer, developed and published by Nintendo in 1995.

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Author(s): JagOfTroyJagOfTroy
System: Virtual Boy
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Publication Date: 07/11/2012
YouTube Release: 30/03/2023
Duration: 00:28:02
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Player's Review

"Futuristic Bouts of In-Your-Face Fighting Action! In a savage display of pounding moves and lightning action, robotic boxers from around the globe step into a futuristic ring. Mirroring the movements of the humans in control, each Teleroboxer is capable of surviving defence matches unbearable to mankind. Slug it out to the staggering end to determine the true world champion. Created with specialized Techtronic powers and unique personalities, these responsive machines show no mercy on their way to the brutal top."

The 3D Works really well. All fighters defeated to become the ultimate champ! The game makes use of both D-pads, one to control each hand. The challenge here is mapping them to useful controls to play the game and getting your head around being able to control each arm Wink

3D Version is also available with switched Left/Right to allow for Crosseye 3D to work without any special screen or glasses required to view. Lowering the video height in the player will help with viewing. To watch on a 3DTV, use the Swap L/R function.