Grand Theft Auto IV

Includes the Lost And Damned and Ballad of Gay Tony DLCs.

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Author(s): Frederikct112Frederikct112
System: Xbox 360
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Publication Date: 23/07/2013
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Player's Review

Hello Everyone, Frederikct112 here
This time i really did it huh? I played through the entire GTA IV but i did not do 100%, becuse that would take me a long time to record and i do not think that will be enjoyable to watch. I died totally 4-5 times in the entire longplay, which im pretty proud of becuse its a pretty hard game.

3 phone calls telling that i won the mission
The Assassin's Phonebooth(at the end of the story theres a phonebooth where you can get jobs, they are optional missions and are not the same as the mainstory)

You will prolly not like the ending becuse i picked Deal and not Revenge and now i feel i should have taken the other ending, but hey!

NOTE: I AM AN HORRIBLE DRIVER, so excuse me of trying to drift sometimes in the game becuse i SUCK at it!

So this time i took upon the DLC of Grand Theft Auto IV. And it is the same as what my .avs script says in the video: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned(Storymode, Part #), so yes i only did the story. I will be doing the last DLC aswell. There where minor flaws in this LP. I mainly focused on completing the story so i skipped over the optional missions such as the gangwar and the races in TLAD.

The Lost and Damned's plot and tone consists of a dark, gritty lifestyle revolving around The Lost Motorcycle Club that operates in Liberty City. Billy Grey is the president of the club, who is the most reckless of all and leads the others in a stubborn refusal of rational methodology (even in the case of Johnny, when Billy frowns upon him for making peace with the Angels of Death). While the main protagonist, Johnny Klebitz, is battling rivals across Liberty City beside their gang he also associates with wealthy political congressmen, lower-class bikers and drug pushers, emphasizing the distinction between upper and lower class in America. The Lost own a clubhouse and mostly patrol throughout Alderney, North Algonquin, and South Bohan. Labeled as the most dangerous threats to personal safety in Liberty City, the Lost partake in drinking and drug abuse, gang shootouts, illegal racing, drug distribution, mere prostitution and motorcycle thefts. When Johnny Klebitz and his fellow bikers feel compelled to "put this place out of its misery" by burning it to the ground, it symbolizes the end of the Lost motorcycle club, as the pressures of authority, government, territorial gangs, and members either double-crossing the gang or becoming killed by the dozens prove that the club can no longer function from the enemies it has gained.

So this was the last of my Grand Theft Auto IV series. I had ton of fun playing this even though my driving sucked and i died a couple of times...
In the Part 2 of the video theres alot of cuts and edits, becuse at one point i could not combind the videos together due to a strange error in VideoRedo. I tried long and hard trying to figure out what it was and then it was a small green glitch that happended half way into the clip, which caused it to stop combinding. I fixed the error though and in result, we got a pretty awesome longplay i must say. I would say the GTA IV DLC's are extremly short espically GTA IV: Lost And Damned. It did not take me long to finish it, which at first i was kinda disapointed of. But then i tried TBoGT and i was pretty satisified with the new cars and guns, OH and the new helicopter, the blizzard! Man, that thing is awesome! I loved the mission where you had to shoot the men on the boat using Yusuf's blizzard. Overall i think GTA IV is a great game, it has an awesome story, you never get tired of roaming around in either a car, motorbike or a helicopter. So i hoped you guys enjoyed this LP, i for sure did!

The Ballad of Gay Tony injects Liberty City with an overdose of guns, glitz, and grime. As Luis Lopez, part-time hoodlum and full-time assistant to legendary nightclub impresario Tony Prince (a.k.a. "Gay Tony" ), players will struggle with the competing loyalties of family and friends, and with the uncertainty about who is real and who is fake in a world in which everyone has a price.

Hope You Enjoy The Longplay
Till Next Time Frederikct112