Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing, developed by Stormfront Studios and published by Electronic Arts in 1999.

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Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Nintendo 64
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Publication Date: 23/06/2024
YouTube Release: 31/12/2034
Duration: 01:19:34
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Player's Review

"High Speed Racing Action. Stunts, speed and crashes combine for wild racing fun! Race 40 Classic Hot Wheels Twin Mill and Red Baron. First Ever Killer Stunt Moves - 360's, Barrel Rolls, Mid-Air Spins! 8 Hot Wheels Tracks - Loop-the-Loops. Danger Changers and More! Multi-Player Action - Race Against Your Friends! 3 Ways to Win - Speed, Stunts or Crash Cars Off the Road! Shortcuts. Hidden Cars, Power Ups! Hard-Driving Soundtrack -Mix Master Mike, Primus and More!"

An arcade style racing game that has you racing through multiple championship cups with the goal of unlocking more Hot Wheels! I found the game notably easier than the PlayStation game especially the final Twinmill challenge. The N64 release does seem to be a cut down version of the PlayStation game with less tracks and less varied textures.

Before each race you can select a car with the best characteristics for the race ahead. If there are a lot of hills you may need more speed or more turbos and more turbos means more stunts. To find hidden short cuts you may need to smash through walls requiring more durability. During the race you can perform stunts to increase the amount of turbo you have and each vehicle is different in how fast it can perform them. Hidden in each track are one or two cars to find and although you don't need them to win the game, some of there higher stats can surly help.

In the longplay, I start by showing the descriptions of all cars available. I show the new cars as I get them. I then play through the main Hot Wheels championship consisting of six races each consisting of six laps. In each race I show where the hidden cars are usually on the first lap. Completing the championship unlocks the secret cup and completing that unlocks the final Twinmill challenge. The Twinmill car is best used to beat this track.

Annnnd that's a rap. All the cups reset and there are no auto rolling credits. Unlike the PlayStation game, there are no additional bonus tracks to show so after showing the final awarded cars I go and manually roll the credits. To make it different to the PlayStation recording I used different cars for each race and stayed away from the unlocked hidden cars to show you don't need them to win. It's worth noting that if you finish the game without finding the hidden cars along the way, it will unlock most if not all of them anyway.

00:00:00 Attract Mode demo
00:05:20 Hot Wheels Challenge Cup
00:42:55 Secret Car Cup
01:08:50 Twinmill Challenge
01:16:34 Credits