Xena: Warrior Princess *Needs Replacement*

Needs replacement due to poor quality

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Author(s): RickyCRickyC
System: Game Boy Color
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Additional Info: NR
Publication Date: 13/09/2009
YouTube Release: Banned
Duration: 01:47:33
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Player's Review

This game is terrible. It has nothing to do with xena for the most part. So i've just going to list all its faults and i don't care if this is set in a dream or not.

1- You know you're in trouble when the first main cast you see is salmoneus and then joxer. I could name maybe 5+ characters i'd rather see before coming up with them.

2- Xena dies stepping into water yet has whole underwater sections she is fine with later. Oh and her turning into an angel when dying.

3- 5 diamonds to save

4- Killer rabbits and 4 hits to kill a bee

5- boots that help xena step waist deep in lava

6- Incorrect Chakram spelling

7- Not only backtracking, backtracking through a respawning boss area no less than 4 times.

8- Glitched door at the end that you can't get through without using certain method

9- The way Xena moves stones

10- evreything else.