Skeleton Krew

Skeleton Krew, developed by Core Design and published by Front Street publishing in 1995

Longplay Information

Author(s): MadMattyMadMatty
System: Mega Drive / Genesis
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Publication Date: 21/05/2022
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Duration: 00:44:42
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Player's Review

"Wanna pack a BIG GUN with enough ammo to level a city? You got it...! Wanna massakre seriously psykotic Psykogenix mutants and get paid? You got it...! Wanna blast your way through the savage secret zones, deadly Krewtraps, mad n' bad buildings and hideous end-of-level Psykos comprising 6 HUMUNGOUS LEVELS of 3D isometrik karnage - and wear a spectacularly sexy, hyper-hi-tek, Big Ordanance Neutralising Exo-skeleton, to boot? Well you got it all - but only if you join Spine, Joint and Rib, otherwise known as the SKELETON KREW, in their first outRAGEous blastfest!!"

A short game played in an isometric view. Choose your character and blast everything in the level and make it to the end. The controls take some getting used to as you try to move around the 3d environment as well as being able to shoot in a different direction. I never really get used to it in the 6 button mode which may explain why the player looks drunk at times.

The game starts out promising with level one and it's end of level boss followed by an an arena styled level 2. However level 3 sets the tone for the rest of the game with simply moving through each level blasting everything and getting to the door. All the nice gfx from level one are replaced with some pretty average and repeating gfx and the levels are not very big. There are no more boss battles till the end of level 6. However, even with more content than the Amiga versions of the game I do wonder if this game was really completed and if this really was the final vision for it. And with so much left out of the Amiga game, was that really a finished game.

During each level, there might be a secret door or room to find holding money or points to collect and maybe an extra life. Extra lives are also rewarded when the point counter rolls over after 10 thousand points. You can choose between two weapons but the grenade doesn't seem all that useful but has it's moments where it is the only option to destroy certain things. It would have been nice to have power ups and specials as you would expect from similar games. The most notable aspect of the game is its music which is quite different to what is expected from the genesis sound processor as well as some deep bass going on.

In the longplay I open with showing the different characters in demo mode. I play on hard which limits the game to one credit. At the end of the game, a choice is given to show mercy to the final boss. I show the bad choice after the credits. After the nice intro, it's a shame that the ending is lacking.

00:00:00 - Character Intros
00:04:25 - Level 1 (Monstrocity)
00:08:50 - Level 2 (Elevator Shaft)
00:15:10 - Level 3 (Sewer Duct)
00:21:30 - Level 4 (Mars)
00:25:15 - Level 5 (Venus)
00:34:35 - Level 6 (Kadavers Base)
00:44:20 - Alternate Ending (Mercy)