Personal Nightmare

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Author(s): IronclawIronclaw
System: Amiga 500
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Publication Date: 06/06/2015
YouTube Release: 19/11/2015
Duration: 00:41:06
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Player's Review


Whew, what a hassle to get through this game. Donno how anyone can do it without the help of some sort of walkthrough, or it would at least take a looong time.

Could either type or use the mouse. Very few things required me to type, as most things could have been done with just the mouse. More convenient to type the stuff, but did both anyway.

A quote from the manual:
"The object of the game is to defeat the power of the devil that has taken over the lives of some of the residents of the village. You will need to identify who these characters are and then, by presenting the village policeman with the evidence of their horrific crimes, have them arrested. You will also meet and have to deal with one or two little pets belonging to the devil and in case you get bored there are one or two people who need rescuing before they are used to make up the numbers at some rather unpleasant rituals."

If you are interested more stuff, like the story - you can find it here

I started out by downloading a walkthrough in text form, it was one of those shortened ones only containing "W, N, TALK TO COP, PICK UP KEY, USE KEY ON DOOR, WEAR ROBE" etc. I got stuck at one point and couldn't figure out what to do. Maybe I'm stupid and didn't understand the instructions, but what I read didn't work for me. So, I looked for another one and found a much better one. It did the stuff in a completely different order, and made me show more of the game; like reading the safe number on the painting, which is not needed if you already know it, which I did, but read it anyway now when I knew where it was found so the viewer will know as well.

Even with the new walkthrough I struggled here and there, but made it to the end.

Several times in the game you have to "WAIT" a lot. So I sped those parts up by showing the first 2 WAITs in normal speed, and speed up the rest, but later I just sped up all the remaining ones instead. So much waiting and I was sure there had to be a way to make it faster, like typing "wait 10 minutes" or "wait 1 hour", even "sleep xx minutes/hours" (could only sleep if I was in my bedroom), but nothing worked. Each WAIT skips about 14 mins ahead. I could maybe go to the bed and sleep, but didn't wanna go there every time I needed to wait. I couldn't sleep whenever I wanted anyway, he always complained about it still being too early. I think each sleep is about 6 hours... still, nothing I could use instead of the waits IMO.

I had to throw the wool to the cat so it would stop following me. If I didn't, it would follow me into my room and take the cork from the gun after I've used it, and didn't seem like I could get a new one.

Had to do some inventory management quite often. Not enough room for items in the main (saying "main" as smaller items can be put in the suit) inventory. Whenever I needed to use a key, I had to remove it from my suit and place it in my inventory. But I think at least one time, the game was OK with an item I used being in the suit anyway, so, donno what's up with that.

If I didn't find enough evidence to convict Susan Blandford, she would recognize me later when I get to the first 2 cultists guarding the entrance, and it would be game over.

Only REAL problem I had was I couldn't kill the devil. I kept being dragged into the sacrificial fire by the cultists. I typed the supposedly correct thing (had plenty of time to finish whatever I wanted to type), and many other combinations, like "throw bottle at devil", "hit devil with bottle", "pour water on devil", "pour bottle on devil", all those with the bottle corked and uncorked. I tried putting the tear in the bottle as the very last thing I did before entering the sacrificial room in case it goes bad over time. I tried having the crucifix in the main inventory when reading the prayers book, and when using it on the devil. I tried so many other things. Nothing worked. I then tried to get the ending by locating the ending files and replace them with the intro or other early content, but never got it to work. There's a Let's Play of someone playing the PC version who got stuck on the same place, but later sort of showed the ending (just a picture) and said that's pretty much all there is to the ending. I then checked Hall of Light (Amiga game database), saw they had screenshots from throughout the game, last 2 being the ending texts, so I assume there is nothing else at the end, so simply added those screenshots to the end of this video. Probably no music during them if I would have gotten the ending to work anyway.

Added some of the deaths at the end.