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Author(s): Mariofan98Mariofan98
System: Nintendo 64
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Publication Date: 31/03/2016
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Player's Review

I started to play the old Mario Party games (N64 & GCN for example) in 2011. Now is Mario Party for Nintendo 64 after Mario Party Advance my second Mario Party longplay.

I play each board with the character which the board belongs so Mario's Rainbow Castle with Mario or also Yoshi's Tropical Island with Yoshi etc. but Bowser's Magama Mountain and Eternal Star must i do with Mario.

Played on BIzHawk with the settings that NPI me gives thanks to you NPI, in the Minigame "Bowser's Face Lift" is the graphic a bit buggy but i think that's ok.

100 Stars grinding for Eternal Star is not in the video and in Mario's Rainbow Castle i got 269 coins at the end so with the other 786 coins enough for Bowser's Magma Mountain.

The music is also awesome, Mario's Rainbow Castle has the best music in this game and also the epic credits music. The voices are also awesome, the voice of Wario is funny, when Wario lose a mini game or got the last place it sounds for some kind of interrogators when he would say in german "So ein Mist!" xD