Ice Age

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Author(s): boricuaretrogamerboricuaretrogamer
System: Game Boy Advance
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Publication Date: 04/09/2017
YouTube Release: 17/05/2021
Duration: 01:16:18
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Player's Review

Hello guys! I am back!
After 2 years of absence of longplaying, I returned with another game: Ice Age! Based on the movie under the same name. It's an action platformer developed by Artificial Mind And Movement and published by Ubisoft in March 18, 2002.

In this longplay I decided to unlock all the levels including a bonus stage in order to view a proper ending.

This game is waaay too easy but it's also hard if you're not careful like in ice stages. I died many times in order to show how frustrating game it is, sometimes.

But no matter how many times I died, I beat the game!
Hope you enjoy it! Smile