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Author(s): Spazbo4Spazbo4
System: Xbox One
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Publication Date: 01/11/2017
YouTube Release: 16/07/2021
Duration: 03:12:48
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Player's Review

--Edit July 4th, 2022--
Added The Delicious Last Course DLC to the longplay

Sadly I am too lazy to edit out most of the deaths that happen, but the final boss fight I did edit them out just because of how hard that boss fight is alone

This is the second time I am playing through the game so most of the bosses are fairly easy for me since I know the game mechanics and how to use them for each boss, especially the queen bee boss since I beat her before she even transformed into her final phase

I really liked this game, it was a lot of fun to play, but very frustrating my first time through since the game is very unforgiving in that when you run out of health you have to start the entire boss fight over again or the level you are on, but all fights and levels are fairly short, none lasting more than 2 and a half minutes on a run where you actually manage to beat them so speedrunning this game might be interesting for some people to try and for some to watch