Robo Pit

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System: Saturn
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Publication Date: 13/08/2018
YouTube Release: 11/11/2021
Duration: 02:20:52
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Player's Review

A mediocre robot fighting game, there is another version on PSX and it has some differences, expalined from Sega Retro: "Despite launching a month after its PlayStation counterpart, the Sega Saturn version of Robo Pit is the more primitive of the two versions on a technical level, lacking much of the presentational polish of its rival. This is particularly noticable in areas such as the winning and losing messages - on the Saturn, there is often an long pause between the announcer saying "You" and "Win", with the second word sometimes failing to trigger altogether, while on the PlayStation the message is delivered more naturally. Special effects are also dialed back, and the lighting model is far simpler on the Saturn. On a content basis, the Saturn version of Robo Pit heavily differs from the PS1 version despite being released close to it. The Saturn version features a completely redesigner user interface. While the PS1 version gives the player two pre-built robots when starting a new game, while the Saturn prompts the player to build their own robot when entering Tournament mode. The Saturn version adds Training Mode, which pits the player against three-randomly selected robots from the tournament grid and allows players to level up their weapons without risking losing ranking points or their weapons. The Saturn versions lack the "Big Foot" legs present in the PS1 version, but adds an extra weapon called the Dagger. The roster of the Tournament mode is different between the two versions; many robots are exclusive either versions and the shared robots often appear in a different order on the default ladder. The Special Robots are also different between versions (the bosses on PS1 are Boomer, Lips, Samurai, Teketeke, Big Punch, and Zio Gigas. The bosses on Saturn are Shadelance, Gigantess, Geomantis and Zenith. Teketeke is also on Saturn with a different appearance and weapons, but is not marked as a Special Robot); the Special Robots on Saturn are bigger and have unique bodies but do not have special weapons. On Playstation 1, the winner of a bout is prompted to select between two of the loser's weapons to appropriate, while on Saturn, the victor simply gets both of the opponent's weapons."