Urgent! Looking for backup ftp space

Urgent! Looking for backup ftp spaceHowdy fellow longplayers and viewers! Our current ftp server is down. Which means we are dead in the water. People cannot submit new longplays anymore (except for admins who directly publish their own stuff). While I have no doubt our friend Raidennn will be able to fix the issue with his ftp server, it clearly shows how heavily we depend on a public ftp space to let people contribute to our community. That means we should find a backup solution, so that we can switch to plan B when the need arises. What we are looking for is a download and upload space with at least 50 GB of storage and no daily or monthly bandwidth limit. Two different account types would be useful too (one for the uploaders, one for the admins). A temporary solution would be nice, but a long term, reliable solution is what we aim at. We have the feeling that public sharing services like Mediafire, Rapidshare or Megaupload are not fit for this usage, because they all have bandwidth limits. If you happen to be able to offer us this service, please contact us by PM or on our IRC channel (any admin will do, ScHlAuChi, Geekmeister, T-0815, Ironclaw, RickyC, Tsunao or me). Thanks in advance.
JonL April 06 2011 2,069 Print