HD encoding for Youtube

Last updated on 2 years ago
Sometimes, after uploading a longplay to YouTube in its original source (ie from ArchiveOrg), some parts of the video get their quality reduced and, in the worst cases, too blurry when there is lot of motion going on or when the game is really running at 50/60fps consistently, this is a big problem especially if it's a racing or shmup game. It's in those cases that we ideally require a second encoded video but done in a resolution higher than 720p.

This process can be done directly on megui assuming that you already know the steps to encode videos for the site. However, you must make a clone of the .avs script where the PointResize factor is:
* 4x the original res if it's a retro platform before the PS1/N64 era, or
* 2x if native res is 480p or higher but lower than 720p.

Only that you must use Medium or Fast profile with a constant rate factor not higher than 23, and preferably use all x264 threads instead of limiting to, for example, 3-6 threads (which is a setting used to avoid overheating).

But, in case you didn't make an HD encode at that moment, there is an alternative with Handbrake. Just load the original .mp4/.mkv video file and, in the Dimensions menu, uncheck Optimal Size and check Allow Upscaling, then multiply both the width and height by two each. For the Presets field, use the Same as Source option for fps, crf must be not higher than 20 and use either Medium or Fast profile (both give the same result anyway, so no need to worry).

The resulting .mp4/.mkv file must be uploaded to our FTP along with the SD encode that goes to Archive; but, in case it's an already-submitted game, just upload the HD encode and it'll be used for when we schedule your longplay.
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