Virtual Boy Longplays on New3DS ... in 3-D!!

Last updated on 2 years ago
I recently picked up a 'New 3DS' out of curiosity of its 3D feature. For fun I wanted to try viewing some of our past 3D movies on the 3DS screen as VB emulation on 3DS is not in a good place at the moment. Well getting the videos onto the 3DS turned out to be anything but fun but if anyone is interested, I Have uploaded them all to A custom firmware 3DS is required to install the player. I don't think they will work well on the original 3ds as playing back 2 videos (left/right) at 50fps is quite demanding. Virtual Boy available in Red or Grey with Famicom and SMS 3D games availble as well as a couple of 3dtv demos. Here's another go at Viewing 3D Longplays on the Nintendo New3DS, this time you only need to http serve from your pc and view the videos direct to the New3DS browser. No hacks or patches required.
Here's another go at Viewing 3D Longplays on the Nintendo New3DS

No hacks or patches requires for this set, instead the 3DS Browser and its video player is used. All that's needed is to host the files on your computer and direct the browser to the computers IP address to reveal the stored videos. I use for this task. Just run it on the command line and any files in its location will be shared on the local network. (Ideally create a folder with the command and video files somewhere). The videos are in SBS x264 .mp4 and double the resolution of the previous videos using the player method. Best of all though, no lengthy file copying videos to the sd card. Once the vidio is playing tap '3D Display' and select R/L frame order and lift up the 3D switch if the ds is currently in 2d mode.

Ideally Id have liked to just stream the video from archive servers but the browser does not like the Archive site at all.
This archive can be considered complete with all 3d games weve recorded uploaded in this format.

Incidentally I have cleaned up the Virtual boy video descriptions on the site and ytube. It's worth noting that browsing youtube with the 3DS does allow you to view those videos in 3D! Just be sure to enable swap R/L in 3D options for correct viewing and the same goes for 3DTv as well.

Interestingly although youtube has removed/broken 3D controls with PC Browsing, SD Gundam still retains its 3d/2d switch. Nothing stands out as to what makes this one special.
Pinning this thread since it's a very interesting idea. The 3DS really can do more than just projecting games in stereoscopic/semi-holographic 3D Wink
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