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Title: Ring around the World (Public Domain)
System: Amiga 500

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Ironclaw made the following changes to the submission:

Download Link Changed: Ring around the World is a short, open world, top-down, point & click adventure where the protagonist wakes up on the shores of an unknown world with just two memories - one being of himself drowning in a stormy sea.

I didn't notice the game had a manual until after about 14 mins into the longplay when I took a break to eat something (IRL) while also checking if the game had a manual on the site it can be downloaded from, which it didn't there, so checked the files and there it was. I just wanted to see if there was something I didn't know about the game yet, like the controls, as I want to show as much as possible of the game. So, the thing I learned was the right mouse button is for walking and swapping items. I've been using the left one to walk, which is why he keeps saying "Huh?" whenever he stopped.

It took me about 2.5 hours to beat and was fun to play all the way. It looks and sounds good too. The game is of course similar to other games as this top-down style is quite common, but my favorite thing is him looking up every now and again talking to the player, which reminds me of the Valhalla games :)

What else... hmm... I would personally have written "Around", but I respect the creator's decision to go with lowercase, so I'm using that in the title as well.

The game requires 1 mb of chip ram, so I guess it runs on an Amiga 500+, or an A500 with a 1 mb chip ram mod. Or simply any Amiga 1200.

The game is free and can be downloaded here: https://retream.itch.io/ring-around-the-world, and if you check the manual that comes with the game, you'll learn a bunch of stuff about it and the backstory (starting all the way back in 1994) that lead to this game.
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Title Changed: Ring Around the World (Public Domain)
Download Link Changed: https://archive.org/download/Ironclaws_Amiga_Stuff/Amiga_500_Longplay_-_Ring_Around_the_World_-_WW_-_PD.mkv
Admin Approval Changed: Approved

Publishing Admin: KAGE-008

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