Problems when I try to encode videos using DirectShowSource (MeGUI)

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Hi everyone!
I am trying to encode videos using MeGUI and convert them to MP4, but when I open the AviSynth script directly on MeGUI, it keeps saying Error Parsing AVS file:
DirectShowSource; Could not open as video or audio/ Error not specified.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this situation?
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You are probably missing splitters/filters or have them disabled.

Try opening the video file using Windows Media Player - it probably won't play it.

So you can either install Haali Media Splitter and ffdshow or you can use different filter (which should be preffered).

For example LSMASHVideoSource / LWLibavVideoSource or ffmpegsource2 / ffvideosource.
Download links are on the wiki page including examples of how to use them. These two are better than DirectShowSource because they are more reliable and frame accurate.

Here is some additional information about importing media.
Thanks bro, I appreciate your help!! I will try to reinstall those components.
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I assumed you want to open mp4 file. But I see you want to encode the video to mp4.

If your source video file is in avi format, just use AviSource function

Also what I wrote in my previous answer is just what I google. I did use DirectShowSource to encode mp4 files before for my PS3/PSP/PS4 longplays and I did not have this problem you are having (as far as i know - it's been few years) but I know I had Halli Media Splitter installed. It might need some slight adjusting in the settings if it still won't work (probably enabling the mp4/mkv format or whatever is the source video format you want to encode).

I'm encoding mp4 files right now and when I tried to use DirectShowSource I had the same error as you. That's how I found out about the solution above. I eventually used LibavVideoSource which works just fine.
The "Error Parsing AVS file: DirectShowSource" message likely indicates missing or incompatible DirectShow filters. Try reinstalling Haali Media Splitter and ffdshow, or switch to more reliable alternatives like LSMASHVideoSource or ffmpegsource2. These alternative sources offer better compatibility and frame accuracy compared to DirectShowSource. Be sure your source video format is supported by your chosen encoder and script settings.
hi again!
What's the format for LWLibavVideoSource in the AviSynth script?
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I don't know how to install those! Can you help me out?
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Get the LSMASHSource dll from here:

Locate installation folder of AviSynth and paste the dll in a folder called plugins. For me it is C\:\\Program Files (x86)\\AviSynth\\plugins
You can also locate your MeGui's folder and paste the same dll in tool/avisynth_plugin folder. For me it is E:\\MeGui\\tools\\avisynth_plugin

I have the dll in both folders. Then just use LWLibavVideoSource for video and LWLibavAudioSource for audio.
Or LSMASHVideoSource for video and LSMASHAudioSource for audio.

Examples are on the wiki.
I don't understand those examples. When I open it to MeGUI it returns with script error!!
I still need help to fully understand. Do you have an AVS template that you can send it to me?
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What error does it show?
It says Script error along with the path, then the line and column.
Use the following:

ConvertToYV12 (chromaresample="point")

Thank me later.
When I switch to LWLibavVideoSource and LWLibavAudioSource in the AVS script and open it in MeGUI, it return with a new error:
[Fatal] Failed to avformat_open_input
I don't know what to do! Should I reinstall the old AviSynth instead with AviSynth+?
By the way it's not in AVI it's in MKV.
Make sure you wrote the path correctly and the name of the file as well. This error can occur when the file or directory does not exist.
I think I found the situation: I had the old AviSynth and AviSynth+. I uninstall both and then install the old AviSynth. I believe having both AviSynth (the old one) and the AviSynth+ cause some kind of conflicts, imo.
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