Kingdom Hearts

Last updated on 11 years ago
Hi! :)
First Thank you for all your longplays, you're life savers! :D

I was searching for good LPs from Kingdom Hearts (for PS2 and PSP)
I believe this is not the first time someone do this request, but im not sure :s
Thank you!!
I was gonna post a new topic, but I support this thread. Kingdom Hearts please and thank you.
I think I have some good news for you then... That is I KNOW I have good news... RickyC is uploading Kingdom hearts for the PS2 now... They are still private on Youtube, but YT takes forever to process videos it seems, so some of them should be viewable later today... :-D
I watched them all. Thanks again for the upload.

Now instead of making a new thread, you guys did KH1, how about KH2? I am curious to know what happened to Riku and K. Mickey
The next part of the story is actually in kingdom hearts: chain of memories on GBA and PS2 in the US. I tried playing but don't like the card system it uses. Then there is the DS game then kingdom heats 2. I dont know where the new psp game fits in.

I have kingdom hearts 2 but never really played it and dont feel like a big game atm. Ultima or someone might do it.
It's very possible that I may do a walk through of Kingdom Hearts 2. But I do not have a ps2. I have this game on my ps2 emulator PCSX 2 and it's playable. It also has a gpu plug-in that has a bulit-in avi support. But it's going to be a while before I can do it.
That's fine, I have no problem waiting. Thanks for the response!
Thank you for this LP :) !!
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